Water Spirits - Xato



Athens-based producer xato shares with us his third ambient EP "Water Spirits"

Inspired by folklores and mythologies, xato shares with us a project full of warm distortion, watery texture and euphoric pads re-creating his own soundtrack of the stories. On "Nereids" he teamed up with the Scottish producer KAVARI, for the creation of a sensitive and refreshing piece. "Asrai" builds slowly with glitchy and watery texture on top of the warm phonic pad. After that, "Fuath" follows with live recorded processing, fused by field recordings, pads and distortion. "Melusine" completes the stories with melancholic and nostalgic pads blended with aggressive distortion ended by a small texture monologue till the end of the song.

Artwork, Mixed & Mastered by xato

Evo-Natura is an Independent Experimental & Field Recording label based in Athens, GR.

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