Limit Break - Celes



Brooklyn-based musician Celes, shares with us her new mixtape "Limit Break" as part of our brand-new mixtape series "evx-tapes".

“With love and care to all my friends”
- Celes


Selected Press

"Limit Break explores a range of minimal field recordings and guitar, drawing out an ambience that feels equally transportative and all-consuming despite its localizable sound." - AQNB

"Not to be mired in cliché, but it genuinely takes one on a journey. Bells, water lapping, friendly conversation, ambient wash and the crunch of footsteps combine to form the bulk of the first side, which is 14 minutes in total. Angry guitar intrudes into the second, almost reticent in its interjections at first until distortion brings it to uncomfortable but necessary levels. Those bells return to provide a coda of relief in the final stages of this trip." - Bandcloud

Artwork by Mittens Wei
Mixed & Written by Celes
Cassette Design & Mastered by Ioannis Nafpliotis

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