Get in the pitch

selected garments, accessories, vinyl records and cassettes from selected diy designers, brands and artists from Greece and around the world.

  • 100% Cotton
  • Soft and comfy
  • Ovesized
  • One size fits all

  • digital print on lyucra
  • handmade in Athens
  • ss22
  • limited item

  • Greek souvenir series
  • Cotton 180gsm
  • designed and printed in Athens.

  • A collaboration with HOWEVER_PROJECT
  • Silk screen print on white tshirt
  • 100% cootton
  • Designed and made in Athens

A collective effort from a vital scene in Kampala, KIKOMMANDO takes its name from Ugandan street food of flat bread and beans. As a ‘food of soldiers’ offering maximum energy for minimum funds, the eponymous mixtape, video series and book project is an equally nourishing and ambitious proposition. It all began in the East African summer of 2018, during a two-month residency at the Nyege Nyege label and collective’s villa, in collaboration with their sublabel Hakuna Kulala. Producer and PAN artist Simone Trabucchi (aka STILL) opened the door to his temporary studio in the city and a crucial cross-cultural collaboration was born.

“The intention was to record as much as possible,” Trabucchi says about KIKOMMANDO’s musical showcase of eight Kampala-based artists, coming from the spectrum of musical influences, crossing trap, drill, cut ups, kuduro, electro, smooth jams—the list goes on. In creating a sonic space to support the expression of its featured singers, poets and emcees, the mixtape ties countless styles and flows into a single snapshot of a particular part of the Kampala music scene, at a particular point in time. The invective of rapper and street legend Blaq Bandana’s “Nkwaata” is laid over a spare and brooding ambient. Kampala Unit trumpet player and first-time singer , Florence, rolls a thick melodic texture through the organic clicks, knocks and atmospherics of “Bae Tasanze”. Jahcity’s unique lyricism combines a personal take on traditional music and soulful-reggae with a jerky, wobbly collection of drops and donks.

Meanwhile, Ecko Bazz applies his grimey vocals and rhythmic, introspective words to lead single ‘Ntabala (Rolex Riddim) at a particularly pertinent moment of self-reflection. “I was trying to listen to the voice inside myself and wanted to achieve a higher level of understanding of things, life,” he says about the themes that he felt inspired to explore with Trabucchi at the recording desk. The accompanying video, shot on a rooftop in the Kampala neighborhood of Ggaba, is one of a series of slick and high-definition films complementing each one of the KIKOMMANDO tracks. These also include contributions from Ugandan emcee and key Hakuna Kulala member Biga Yut, don dada of the GabaGaza gang Swordman Kitala (with Omutaba on percussion) and South Sudanese poet and singer Winnie Lado.

Also accompanying a ‘visual mixtape’ of moving images for each song on KIKOMMANDO is a recording diary of sorts, where Trabucchi compiles a vibrant collection of pictures, colours and textures reflecting the its heterogeneous sonic palette into a book. Together this multifaceted, interdisciplinary project showcases, what Lamin Fofana’s liner notes describe as, “amazing originality, complexity”, while “embracing dissonance”.

Trabucchi’s personal take on a kind of ‘digital dancehall’ defined the sound of his ground-breaking rumination on Italy’s colonial history on debut STILL album, I, in 2017. KIKOMMANDO is a different proposition entirely, where he finds new ways to complement the personality and skills of its contributors sprung from a constant stream of visitors arriving at the Nyege Nyege Villa’s makeshift studio. “It was a dialogue,” stresses Trabucchi, who has always preferred collaboration as a means to escape branded and stereotypical identities, while creating something new. “I created the musical platform to make the singers confident, and challenged them at the same time. Working together accelerates ideas and reveals that nothing is your invention alone. That’s why KIKOMMANDO is a mixtape to me, and not an album.”

The mixtape is mastered by Rashad Becker, featuring artwork by NMR. Tracks 1, 2, 3, 4, 7, 9, 11 & 12 mixed by Ville Haimala. Tracks 5, 6 & 8 mixed by Lorenzo Dal Ri.

In collaboration with Hakuna Kulala

A collaboration with Thessaloniki based record label Magdalena's Apathy, run by trance legend Dj Loser


  • Premium quality 175gsm cotton
  • Designed and printed in Greece
  • Silkscreen prints front / back
  • Designed by Dj Loser
  • Limited items

DreamOre is a collection of drawings, dream transcriptions and poems written during the full moon by Hunter Longe. The texts pass through the ups and downs of contemporary life in the face of extra-planetary forces and abysmal geologic time, speculating on distant pasts and hinting at a sentience that permeates all matter. Of his work the artist writes:

For me, drawing, poetry and dreaming can act as divinatory tools to navigate slippery times. They follow a kind of non-logic, a random function of quick non-sequitur that gets at the churning unpredictability and true weirdness of existence underlying the thin layer of pattern and structure to which we tend to attach so much importance. In poems and drawings, as in dreams, we hone back in on deep instincts and intuitions that have been sequestered by striving for the lie that is reason.

  • Year: 2021
  • ISBN: 978-82-690890-8-0
  • Author: Hunter Longe
  • Editor: Scott Elliott
  • 204 x 297mm, 108pages,Saddle-sewn
  • Printed at K-Print
  • Designed by: Landscape, San Francisco
  • Supported by: Kulturrådet / Norske Billedkunstnere / Bergen Kommune

Chants of Energy is the first novella by Jonathan Aldenberg. It tells the story of F, who suffers from tinnitus.
The title is comprised of two books, the novella and a larger image-based publication of renders developed in line with the text. A limited edition line of 3D printed silver jewelry containing a digital version of the publication will also be available soon.

?One day, while cleaning his room, F finds an old role-playing game about an aquatic species living in a world where private military companies are scouring the ocean for ‘mana’ – a previously worthless material that has become increasingly valuable since it was discovered to be a source of energy. These mercenary forces use airguns to conduct seismic surveys of the ocean floor, hoping to identify possible mana mining sites via echolocation. The sound from their airguns travels far and wide underwater, causing hearing damage to everything in the area.

As the novella progresses, the buzz of F’s social life syncs with the pitch of his tinnitus. He finds that the only way he can dampen the ringing in his ears is to listen to the gentle rustle of the waves overhead while playing 'chants of energy' in his room.

Jonathan Aldenberg graduated from the Gerrit Rietveld Academie in 2017. He studied audiovisual arts and fashion simultaneously and currently works as a freelance designer and writer. His work involves writing, dance, fashion and sculpture, often incorporating themes such as action vs. inaction, discipline, and the constraints of hedonism.

Year: 2019
ISBN: 978-82-890890-6-6
Author: Jonathan Aldenberg
Editor: Scott Elliott

Printed at Printon
Designed by: Robin Brass

Supported by: Kulturrådet / Bergen Kommune / NBK

  • Heavy canvas tote bag
  • 400 gsm.
  • 35 x 40 cm.
  • Screen printed in Athens.

What is a city now? For some, nature is the new urban. But if cities would be brave enough to be cities again, that would be my wonderland.

This issue gives some hints of its form. Cities as forests not in terms of nature, but of navigation and justice. Vertical cities freed from their past, floating in latent memories. A highway unfolding vistas to our escapist mind. Systems of transit constructing the sense of place. And us, more eager than ever to explore. Yet, this time, slowly.

The issue of paradoxes.


  • Black mesh top
  • embroider design by Iria Vrettou
  • Limited Item
  • Made in Athens
  • Designed by Chnoubis

  • Heavyweight premium quality cotton
  • Embroidered Logo in front
  • limited item
  • made in SKG
  • Designed by No Flash Studio

  • Premium quality heavyweight cotton
  • Digital print in front
  • limited item
  • made in SKG
  • designed by No Flash

Sone Urbia is a collection of improvisations recorded live during the period of 2011-15. A grainy meditative voyage into layers of field recordings, old sampled records, synthesizers, acoustic and non acoustic instruments.
This album works as a mixtape separated in two sides, two journeys; two soundscapes.
** The 12" vinyl edition comes mixed (with track separation)

Mixed at Pallados Studio by Panajiotis Vaxevanakis & George Gkolfis. Mastered by Christoph Grote-Beverborg
Lacquer cut at Dublates & Mastering,
Tracks 3, 4 & 7 mastered by Nicolas The Mute.
Words in Enosi by Leandros Kyriakopoulos,
Additional frequencies in Montreaux I & II by John Cherouvim.
Artwork by All Matters
Production Lower Parts 2018, Athens

  • Premium Organic cotton tee
  • Screen printed by Fuzzink
  • 10% goes to the Red Umbrella org. Athens
  • Insta @fashionspaetkauf
  • Designed by Markela Bgiala
  • Limited Item