Get in the pitch

selected garments, accessories, vinyl records and cassettes from selected diy designers, brands and artists from Greece and around the world.

  • Black sail cloth bag
  • silkscreen print on black
  • dimensions 45X45cm (280gr)
  • durable and comfy

Limited Edition low profile, 5-panel black cap with one-off custom patch with high quality embroidered logo. 50 pieces only with no reprint.

  • 100% heavy cotton (drill)
  • 5-panel cap
  • Low profile
  • Seamless front panel
  • Eyelets
  • One size fits all with self fabric strap / tri-glide buckle
  • central skull image designed by Anton Kresan

Nightlife inspired brand based in Athens

  • Fleece 320gsm / 100% polyester
  • high density/Short cut/Anti-pilling
  • Embroidered
  • PVC tag
  • Suitable for 30°C machine wash

  • Lycra Blouse
  • Digital Printed
  • Tight fit from Small to Large
  • Desinged by Marializa Kambi

Mighty Athenian duo Ice_Eyes have previously released their edgy club mutations on labels such as Seagrave, Genot Centre, ANBA, TAR and Ernest D. Tapes. They have now assembled an action- packed six-track EP for Hypermedium, making fine use of their futuristic mechanics and ultra-fine sonic weaponry.

Ice_Eyes’ approach on ‘Vicious Circles’ simulates a plethora of dark materials mixed together, sculpted with a laser light cutter, as reflected on the self-titled track. This nexus ushers the listeners to throw themselves to an eerie storm of outstanding grime-leaning kinetics like ‘HYDRO’ or to the claustrophobic space of ‘Folded’. The gabber-ish breakcore rhythmology of ‘BH Agony’ creates an urge to frantically gasp for air, while the elegiac euphoria of ‘Crystalbody’ is the centrepiece of its full rave energy. This eumorphic projection of pseudo cylindrical body phenomena is always present and changes the mood effectively. ‘Endless Clicks’ outro gives away that different twist of mood shifts by formulating hazy vocal phrases and circling stuttering crunchy layered beats arrangements. All in all, ‘Vicious Circles’ creates an idiosyncratic portrait of club cult ecstasy mood shifts ...more


released February 19, 2021

Mixed by Ice_Eyes and Stefan Konstantinidis.
Mastered by Thomas P. Heckmann and cut by Andreas Kauffelt at Schnittstelle.
Artwork by Inhalt.

Limited long sleeve celebrating 6 years of stickering, stamping and wrapping.

  • Blue ink on white
  • ultra-cotton
  • pro screen-printed in Italy by Serimal.
  • Design by Davide Salvati
Standing for "Mixed By Erry", the label takes its title from a mythical and somewhat anonymous pirate figure within Naples called Erry with no clear ties to music who issued a series of low-key cassette mixes in the late ’80s and early ’90s.

curated by Giovanni Napolano

  • Lycra bodysuit
  • Digital Print
  • Designed by Marializa Kambi
  • limited pieces

  • Lycra Leggins
  • Digital Printed
  • Fits small to large
  • limited pieces
  • desinged by Marializa Kambi

One year and a half has passed since Dj David Goblin unleashed the power of his Muzik. Though his ego bar has been filled, the Goblin asked seven mortal identities to experience an orkish avatar and join him for a second chapter. Dj David Goblin & The Horde banded together and stood united against the Burning Reality.
You, human, you are not prepared…

"Forever Till No More it's an intimate recording moved from a ripped youtube video where an unknown person is answering to a self-questioned question “Are you anybody favorite person?”.

The track is a chopped and screwed 11 minutes version of the infamous record within Naples progressive rock era called Milano Calibro 9 by Osanna.

How we live our inter-personal relationships and how we connect between each other in the era of decay of truth?

From Distorted squashy kick drums bumping as hearts, passing thru stretched and granulous strings to joyfull and vaporous bells the player it's a trip thru the vast spectrum of exchange of emotions between humans."

Music recorded by Giovanni Napolano between May and June 2017

Artwork by Davide Salvati
Photos by Stephane Charpentier

  • Colored Dyed Cropped T-shirt
  • Fine 100% Cotton
  • silkscreen print
  • limited run
  • unique patterns
  • Made by No Flash